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“Help protect your home from dryer fires and extend your dryer’s lifespan with our expert dryer vent cleaning service. Efficient, reliable, and mess-free. Call Tony to schedule today at 207-458-2640  See additional details.”

Appliance Doctor of Maine

Servicing Portland to Waterville and beyond…
On-Time & Pet Friendly
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Davis Appliance Repair LLC.

Servicing Portland to Kittery and beyond…
On-Time & Pet Friendly
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We know you are busy so here are the highlights of our service:

We are experts at appliance repair and offer the best in customer service.  Our services include but are not limited repairing dishwashers, ovens, stoves, dryers, washing machines, refrigerators, wine coolers, etc.

1. We respond timely to your phone calls, texts, and emails 7 days a week. Calls are answered 6 AM to 9 PM every day.  Mike’s cell is 1-207-458-3377

2.  When we talk on the phone we plan on discussing your problem and through our conversation of playing Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Mike can commonly diagnose the problem. Then with the model number furnished from you off the appliance and a little research he can give you an estimate. Based on the repair cost and the age of the appliance you can make a good decision on repairing or replacing.  We do not want you to waste your hard earned money!

3. Our goal is to be honest, affordable, and reliable. When we talk on the phone if we can diagnose the problem we will discuss price and if the your appliance is worth fixing due to cost, future availability of parts, and age of the machine. WE DO NOT WANT YOU TO WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!

4. We have evening and Saturday appointments so you don’t have to miss work and use your vacation or personal time.

5. See testimonials below to see what some of our customers are saying.

6. Mike teaches appliance repair in Baltimore a few times a year. If you want to learn he welcomes teaching you during your repair!

7. Pet Friendly.  They make the best foreman.

8. We treat our customers as neighbors and want you to spread the word of our good service.

A few of Our Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Pedro Sabattus
Annette Q
Doug P
Call the Doctor Today  1-207-458-3377
While I was in Nevada and had a problem with my house in Sabattus I was so relieved that you could go fix my problems the day that I called you. You saved me potentially thousands of dollars in water damage and my wife thought I was a hero!
Pedro Sabattus
Calling the Appliance Doctor last Saturday was the best thing I did. My husband had the kitchen torn apart since Wednesday trying to put in a garbage disposal and he had most of it done but was running into problems. I called the Doctor and he finished the job while letting my husband help. I got my sink, dishwasher, and new garbage disposal back that day and my husband got the job done(with some help)!
Annette Q
When my washing machine was on its final legs you gave me an option which allowed me to continue to do my laundry at home until my new machine came in! With a family of 3 females I was a hero not a zero! thank you!
Doug P
We make house calls for you!
Call the Doctor Today 1-207-458-3377

We fix most brands.

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