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The Doctor, Mike Davis, was raised in Aroostook County where his grandfather and grandmother raised 7 children during some of the most difficult periods of our history- beginning with the Great Depression and WWII.

Mike had the blessing of working with his grandfather, Tom, for 10 years and he taught Mike some very important lessons that some people seem to have forgotten.

1. Be a man of your word and do what you say you are going to do.

2. Return things you borrow in better condition than when you got them-this shows respect and is the best thank you you can give.

3. Be honest.  You to not have to remember what you said if you always speak the truth.

4. Work long and hard until the job is done.  Our family does not do “lazy”

5. Make work fun and enjoy the people you meet along the way!  To Schedule an Appointment, send us a request on our Contact Us page.

Mike Davis, The Appliance Doctor of Maine




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