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I am Mike’s cousin Scott. Our Moms are sisters so we share the same grandparents. I was raised with the same values and work ethics as Mike . As a kid I was naturally mechanically inclined, I would follow my farther around everywhere and help him fix things around the house. I got my first tool set when I was 7 years old and would take everything apart to see how it worked. I was the neighborhood bicycle mechanic and that just grew into working on cars. I graduated from high school with a second diploma from machine tool vocational training. I started my customer service right out of school when I started working at a family lumber yard where I worked with Mike and his brother David. I have worked at fabrication shops where I was a certified structural welder and fabricator. I worked at machine shops running lathes and milling machines and all sorts of machine tools . I worked for world wide companies as a remote service technician and further honed my customer service skills. After 35 years of working for other companies I started an apprenticeship under Mike’s guidance for a year and started Foothills Appliance Repair covering western Maine areas . I am pleased to be in the area to serve the people of western Maine . I am happy to take your calls and to help you in any way I can. As with Mike and Tony I understand how hard it is to have money and don’t want to waste yours .

Scott Lavoie
Appliance Doctor